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University of Pécs BSc in Nursing
University of Pécs

BSc in Nursing

Pécs, हंगरी

4 Years


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31 Jul 2024

Sep 2024

EUR 2,900 / per semester *

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* आवेदन शुल्क: EUR 200; पंजीकरण शुल्क: EUR 100 (शिक्षण शुल्क की पहली किस्त सहित)


Obese people have to fight several diseases that are in connection with their weight (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer). If you have the drive to help them, dietetics will provide you the required knowledge. Healthy eating – and thus the knowledge of a dietetian – is essential to prevent and successfully treat several diseases, as medications or a surgery rarely provide complete solution. Patients are often forced to stop eating their favourite treats, and a dietetian may largely contribute to the patients’ treatment, balance and well-being by offering enjoyable but healthy dietary options.




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